Saturday, February 25, 2012

Safe House

Safe House is a fast-paced spy thriller that deals with the CIA's efforts to retrieve damaging information from a renegade agent.

Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), is the ex-CIA agent who became an international criminal. Frost acquires a file detailing the criminal activities of several worldwide intelligence agents from a MI6 agent. After receiving the file, the MI6 informer is killed and Frost is relentlessly pursued by an unidentified group of men. Frost decides to flee his pursuers by going to the American embassy in South Africa.

After his arrival at the embassy he is escorted to a CIA safe house in Cape Town. The "housekeeper" is low-level agent, Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds). The CIA interrogation of Frost is interrupted by an attack by the men who have been pursuing Frost. Weston escapes with Frost captive and contacts his mentor, David Barlow (Brendan Gleeson), at CIA headquarters.

The story then turns into a cat and mouse game in which Frost tries to escape, and Weston and the unknown attackers try to capture him. Imposed on this game of hide and seek is the obvious question of who in the CIA is tipping off the attackers.

The plot is a rehash of the the renegade agent and the evil government agency trying to hide its past sins. What makes it work here is the combination of Washington and Reynolds who make this "buddy movie" fun to watch.

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