Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Max Manus - Man of War

Max Manus - Man of War is a Norwegian film based on the life of resiostance fighter Max Manus.  This historical drama follows Manus (played by Askel Hennie) from the Winter War against the Soviet Union in Finland through the outbreak of World war II and the German occupation of Norway until peace in 1945.

After fighting the Soviets as a volunteer during the Winter War in Finland, Max Manus returns to Norway, which has quickly surrendered to the Nazis. Max joins with the Norwegian resistance movement and engages in sabotage until he is arrested. He tries to escape the local authorities by jumping out of a window, but ends up under guards in the hospital. He manages to escape to Scotland where he receives British Commando training. He returns to Norway to carry out sabotage missions against the occupying forces. Returning to Norway with his friend Gregers Gram (Nicolai Cleve Broch), his first mission is an attack on German supply ships. He is spectacularly successful, and soon he becomes a special target for the local Gestapo chief Siegfried Fehmer (Ken Duken). Manus, however, avoids capture, and with Gram and Gunnar Sønsteby he forms the so-called "Oslo Gang".

Stockholm in the neutral Sweden becomes a meeting point for Norwegians in allied military service. Here Gram introduces Manus to Ida Nikoline "Tikken" Lindebrække (played by Agnes Kittelsen, who works as a Norwegian contact for the British consulate. Tikken and Max develop a special bond of friendship. As the Gestapo tightens the noose around the resistance fighters, the missions become more dangerous, and members of the "Oslo Gang" are killed and capyured. Max starts to blame himself for being the one who survives. After the war he meets with Siegfried Fehmer and begins to deal with the loss of his friends.

The movie received seven Amanda Awards (The Norwegian Oscar). It is an good film that presents espionage in a realistic fashion.

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