Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blind Horizon

The film begins in the outskirts of rural New Mexico where an unconscious Frank Kavanaugh (played by Val Kilmer) is discovered by two young boys.  He is rushed to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound in his head.  a small town called.  Kavanaugh is placed in an intensive care unit in the hospital in Black Point under the care of a trauma nurse named Liz (Amy Smart).  After regaining consciousness, Kavanaugh is interviewed by Sheriff Kolb (Shepard).  Unfortunately, Frank has temporary amnesia from his head injury and can't explain what happened to him. Kavanaugh is ordered to stay in the hospital for closer observation.

Sheriff Kolb and his deputies are unable to determine what happened what happened.  When Kolb returns to where Frank was found he discovers a key.  Kolb returns to the hospital to find that Kavanaugh, in a violent and confused state, is claiming to have knowledge of a possible assassination attempt on the president of the United States.   Dr. Conway (Gil Bellows) tries to calm Kavanaugh and gets punched in the nose for his efforts.  Conway explains to Kolb that Frank may be experiencing delusional side effects from the amnesia.  Kavanaugh has periodic flashbacks that could be fantasy or real memories. He has a recurring image of talking with a mysterious woman named Ms. K (Faye Dunaway).   

Kavanaugh's fiancée, Chloe (Neve Campbell),  arrives at the hospital and makes arrangements for his immediate release.  Chloe tells Sheriff Kolb that she and Kavanaugh are from Chicago and that Kavanaugh works for the IRS.  She explains that they were in New Mexico on vacation. She also produces several photos of her with Kavanaugh to support her claims of an existing relationship.   The President is making a campaign tour through the Southwest, but there are no plans to visit Black Point. Kavanaugh still believes that attempt will be made on the President's life in Black Point within the next few days.  Distraught over his situation, Chloe convinces Kavanaugh to leave the hospital with her, and she drives him back to the motel they had checked into a few days earlier.

Kavanaugh is contacted by a young man who seems to know him but later attacks him.  Kavanaugh is also nearly run over.  As the time approaches for the "Rhombus" mission to take place, Kavanaugh's grasp of the situation becomes clearer, but he remains confused whether he is part of the mission or an agent trying to prevent it.

The movie is suspenseful to a point, but the story has been done so many times that the plot doesn't really grab you.  The performances are okay, but hardly Oscar-worthy.  The absence of due-diligence by the Sheriff on Chloe and Frank is amazing.  Then we have the sub-plot of the deputy running against the Sheriff in the upcoming election.  What really bothered me was how this sleepy little town seemed to grow buildings and population turning it into a larger community.  A lot of red herrings and local characters try to confuse the plot, but do little  to add to the plot.  The same can be said of Kavanaugh who spends more time at the local bar(s) than with his fiancée trying to figure out who he is.


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